Contributing Authors

Brayden Call
MAcc '22

Brayden is from Cedar Hills, Utah. He loves being active and playing soccer. As the second of five brothers, he found a passion for playing sports and loves competing against his brothers. In his free time, he likes reading new books, practicing his golf swing, and hiking in the mountains. Brayden is a law student at BYU and plans to work in private equity or M&A law.

Elijah Cook
MAcc '23

Elijah is from Mesa, Arizona and grew up going to the lake, riding ATVs, and playing football. Being the son of a business owner, he recognized his passion for understanding the world of business from an early age. When he is not focused on debits and credits, he enjoys spending time with his wife and fly fishing. Elijah will be joining Deloitte in Dallas in its Risk and Financial Advisory practice.

Nathan Clark
MAcc '23

Nathan is from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan but also spent time in Beijing, Shanghai, and Philadelphia while growing up. He enjoys the outdoors, specifically spending time waist-deep in the water while fly fishing. He also enjoys traveling with his wife and learning about different cultures and traditions. Professionally, he aspires to understand, problem solve, lead, and most importantly, help. After graduation, Nathan will be joining PwC in Dallas in their Trust Solutions group.

Treston Morrow
Macc 23'

Treston Morrow grew up in Queen Creek, Arizona swimming, skating, riding bmx, and mountain biking. He loves the Arizona heat. He also ran cross country and track and still enjoys running every morning to this day. Treston has done internships with Connor Group TA and Deloitte auditing, and plans to do an internship with PwC's CMAAS group this summer in the Phoenix office.

Faculty Contributors

Jeff Wilks
EY Professor of Accounting and Former Director, School of Accountancy

Professor Wilks is the EY Professor of Accounting and former Director of BYU’s School of Accountancy. From 2006 to 2008, he worked as an academic fellow at the Financial Accounting Standards Board in Norwalk, Connecticut. While there, he led the development of the new international standard on revenue recognition, a standard that was released in May 2014. Professor Wilks also served from 2008-2009 as an academic advisor to the International Accounting Standards Board in London, England. He has also served as a technical advisor to Connor Group, which provides technical GAAP review, IPO services, and SEC reporting guidance to firms preparing for IPO. In January 2014, the US Financial Accounting Foundation appointed him to the Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council.

Connor Group Contributors

Ken Gardner
Writer/Contributor at Connor Group

Ken is a technical accounting adviser at Connor Group where he serves clients in diverse industries across the United States. He helps to solve their most complex accounting and business issues. He advises companies on a variety of technical topics including revenue recognition under ASC 606, lease accounting under ASC 842 and SEC reporting matters. Prior to joining Connor Group, he was with Tesla in their Corporate Accounting group and PwC in their Los Angeles, California assurance practice focusing on financial services clients. Ken graduated from Brigham Young University with a Master of Accountancy, and enjoys travelling, wakeboarding, and eating dessert.

Technical & Editorial Staff

Yirang Lim
BCS '24

Yirang was born in Changwon, South Korea and immigrated to the United States at the age of eight. He attended seven different elementary schools due to frequent moves between South Korea and United States during his childhood. He gained his passion for programming from an experience of modding a video game he loved. In his free time, he loves to play soccer, video games, and read non-fiction books. He is interested in pursuing the career path of becoming a full-stack engineer after his graduation.

Joseph Chambers
Editing and Publishing '23

Joseph Chambers is an Editing and Publishing student at Brigham Young University. He has over a year of experience with IPOhub and RevenueHub as well as being an EMT with Brigham Young University's EMS. Joseph is from Petersburg, Illinois but has spent time living in Arizona, Alabama, and Utah as well. He enjoys blogging about his hobbies and writing in his spare time.